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Dulcha Energy



Himalayan Salt: The packet of pink salt is 500gms Benefits of it: - It controls the levels of water within your body - Regulates the pressure in your blood vessels – Blood pressure - Promotes Vascular health, bone strength and respiratory function - Helps with blood sugar regulation - It aid absorption of nutrients in the intestinal tract and in this way supplies  the body with sufficient energy - It balances the body’s with sufficient energy - Prevents muscle cramps - It nurtures the kidneys and gallbladder - It regulates healthy sleeping patterns - It wards off signs of aging - It supports your libido - Detoxifies the body of heavy metals Shipping & Delivery : 3 Working Days


Himalayan Salt Lamp _________________ Improve the condition of the chest, lungs and sinuses Relieves migraines Improve respiratory capacity and respiratory diseases such as: asthma, congestion, hay fever and snoring Relieve sensitivity Boosts your immune system so it reduces your exposure to colds Dealing with depression, mood swings and fatigue Reduces the suffering of mental and physical exhaustion Promotes and improves deep sleep Cleans the mind, improves concentration and increases productivity Promotes calm and reduces stress Increases the speed of healing of burns Shipping & Delivery : 3 Working Days